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Belief is a very powerful thing. It can be both the voice of reason and disillusion. It can keep you safe, while at the same time stop you from living. Beliefs and traditions are social outlines, invisible ideas that try to keep us within that box of conventional thinking. In some cases this can be a source of great modesty, while in some it can be the foundation of halted progress.

If there is one thing that remains constant about life, it’s the fact that it never stops and that everything that revolves around it is arranged through compromise. You may own a telephone, but you shall lose a little piece of your privacy and the satisfaction of having distance. You can fly an airplane, but the birds will lose their wonder and we shall permeate the clouds with gasoline. You may learn and educate yourself, but that means that you should be willing to abandon premonition and implanted myths that logic and reason clearly refutes. It is a bargain that may or may not, single handedly stop human evolution.


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